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The Catholic Thrift Shop was moved to it's current location by Fr. Roger Meitl in the late 1980's. At the time Fr. Meitl was one of the associate priests in the Parish (Concordia had three priests assigned to the parish during this period of time). Fr. Meitl employed his own money and resources to purchase the old opera house and get the thrift shop organized as a nonprofit corporation. Over the course of several years the thrift shop paid back Fr. Meitl. The intent or mission of the thrift Shop is to be of service to those who need material assistance.  In keeping with this goal, the thrift shop provides inexpensive but quality clothing and household good to people in the community. After paying for wages, utilities and maintenance, all profits from the thrift shop are given to local, regional and national charities on a monthly basis. Locally, the Catholic Thrift Shop makes donation to such worthy causes as the local food bank, Teens for Christ, Helping Hands Ministry, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cloud County, Cloud County Commission on Aging/Prescription Drug Program, among many other seasonal charitable campaigns that occur in Concordia. The Catholic Thrift Shop also lends support to Catholic missionaries who operate a Catholic church and school in Honduras.

The Catholic Thrift Shop is not a part of the parish. Legally the parish and the Catholic Thrift Shop are two separate entities and independent of one another. The thrift shop is a Kansas nonprofit corporation (registered in the name Our Lady of Providential Help Society, Inc.). In keeping with the requirements of a nonprofit corporation the Catholic Thrift Shop has a board of directors that meets at least on an annual basis and more frequently if needed.

The Catholic Thrift Shop continues to take donated items from the community so long as they are of good quality. Clothing that is not usable or cannot be sold is given to a company that recycles the material. Many of you support the Catholic Thrift Shop in many useful and beneficial ways. Your Contribution helps promote the mission of the Catholic Thrift Shop and the many ways it helps people in our community as well as the poor in other parts of the world.

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