Best Lent Ever


Greetings my dear friends, Lent is literally right around the corner!!! This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of our Lenten journey. Please join us for Masses on March 1st - Our Lady of Perpetual Help- 7:00am; 12:05pm; 7:00pm, and at St. Edward in Belleville at 6:30pm.

Recently, I received a mailing from Dynamic Catholic, which states as their mission, “We are committed to developing world-class resources that inspire Catholics and their parishes to rediscover the genius of Catholicism. Dynamic Catholic wants each of us to have the Best Lent Ever. We know how important the Season of Lent is and how each of us can experience the love, mercy, healing, forgiveness, compassion of God.

The purpose of Best Lent Ever “is a free, daily email program that will help you and your parish have a truly life-changing Lent.” That sounds like a great offer to me because Lent is about change and becoming better persons, Catholics, and disciples.

We can get started by signing up at Then, beginning on Ash Wednesday, participants will receive daily emails with practical tips, short inspirational videos from author, Matthew Kelly, and personal reflections from Dynamic Catholic team members.

The joy in all of this effort is, “Participants will discover how to open their hearts to God and do more than just give up chocolate for Lent ... leading to their best Lent ever” (BLE, 2-3).

Posters, fliers, and business cards are available to remind us of this wonderful service. Let us do more than just giving something up. Let us take something on and have the most meaningful and best Lent ever.

-Peace, Fr. David