October is Respect Life Month

Five ways that we can respect life.  

1.  Respect ourselves.  We are made of body and soul, material and immaterial, thus we must care for both.  A daily prayer life, weekly Sunday Mass, and monthly confession are ways that we begin to care for our soul.  Purging sin and doing our best to remain in the state of grace.  Care for our bodies is also necessary.  Our body needs the proper nutrients and exercise to function according to the way it is designed.  Appropriate exercise and eating should be part of our care and respect for our own life. 

2.  Visit someone in a nursing home.  Whether they be family members or total strangers, it can be very lonely in a home for the elderly.  Regular visits, even with our kids to teach them the value of human life, will give great dignity to the aged as well as the young. 

3.  Helping young families.  We all know that caring for children is often very difficult.  Be generous with your time and help those who are new mothers, or mothers of several young children.  Ask them if you can cook a meal for them, or help them clean the house or even watch the kids for a couple of hours.  What a great way to encourage the growth of our community, our parish, while showing our respect for the young and our care for their mothers and fathers.

4.  Praying outside an abortion clinic.  A society that aborts its young has no future.  Our prayers and penances for the end of this evil is necessary for the good of the world.  Secondly to offer support and prayers for those who have had an abortion, or are contemplating abortion.  We need to offer our assistance to help them grieve the decisions they have made.  Encouraging them to attend a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat for healing is a wonderful opportunity for us to offer our support.

5.  Voting.  Politics often get in the way of doing what is right.  Sometimes for the common good to be attained we have to offer up our financial comfort for a greater good.  We should never play games with a human life, and making life a political issue is an egregious crime.  Any politician that believes the common good is to allow the killing of human life is not a good politician.  A politician has a duty to protect life, and the dignity of every human.