• Mass Times

    Weekend Masses:
    Saturday 5:00 pm
    Sunday 7:00 am and 9:00 am

    Weekday Mass:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7:15 am
    First Saturday 8:00 am

    6:30 am before weekday Mass
    4:00 pm Saturday

    Monday 7:45 am -Tuesday 7:00 am

  • Challenge of the Week

    • Find a prayer written to or composed by your Confirmation saint. Write it down & pray it every day this week, with the intention of preparing yourself to be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    • Browse the parish’ website & check out the list of active ministries. Contact a ministry leader & ask about the work he or she does.

    • Start a Facebook group page with at least one other Confirmation student. Write brief posts about anything you are learning that is helping you to think about & prepare for Confirmation. Invite others to subscribe & comment.

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Upcoming Events

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  • 28 Jan
    3rd Grade Music Practice 06:30 PM to 07:00 PM

    Preparation for February 1 Mass Ministry Sunday

  • 28 Jan
    Chosen Parent Discussion 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

    Lesson 11: How does God help when it hurts?

  • 28 Jan
    Religious Education: 1st Confession Practice for 2nd Grade 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

  • 28 Jan
    Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade Catechist Meeting 08:00 PM to 09:00 PM

  • 29 Jan
    Mass in Belleville 07:00 AM to 07:30 AM

  • 29 Jan
    Momnipotent Session 6 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    For more information visit www.evangelization.com and enter zip code 66901 to find the various study times available.